Monday, 4 June 2012

History of CupCakes

The cupcake evolved in the United States in the 19th century, and it was revolutionary because of the amount of time it saved in the kitchen. There was a shift from weighing out ingredients when baking to measuring out ingredients. According to the Food Timeline Web, food historians have yet to pinpoint exactly where the name of the cupcake originated. There are two theories: one, the cakes were originall cooked in cups and two, the ingredients used to make the cupcakes were measured out by the cup.

In the beginning, cupcakes were sometimes called "number" cakes, because they were easy to remember by the measurements of ingredients it took to create them: One cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, four eggs, one cup of milk, and one spoonful of soda. Clearly, cupcakes today have expaned to a wide variety of ingredients, measurements, shapes, and decorations - but this was one of the first recipes for making what we know today as cupcakes.

Cupcakes were convenient because they cooked much quicker than larger cakes. When baking was down in hearth ovens, it would take a long time to bake a cake, and the final product would often be burned. Muffin tins, also called gem pans, were popular around the turn of the 20th century, so people started created cupcakes in tins.

Since their creation, cupcakes have become a pop culture trend in the culinary world. They have spawned dozens of bakeries devoted entirely to them. While chocolate and vanilla remain classic favorites, fancy flavors such as raspberry meringue and espresso fudge can be found on menus. There are cookbooks, blogs, and magazines specifically dedicated to cupcakes.

Let people eat cupcakes in Global Village

Cupcakes are a kind of sweets that were produced in the West, but over the time cupcakes have spread all over the world and take important stage at weddings, events and small parties. Now days everyone makes cupcakes because it is delicious and easy to make it at the same time, for that reason cupcake shops are in every spot in the most parts of the world. So what is make cupcake shops different from each other?
Cupcakes have different type of flavors, shapes and they can decorate by many colors, fruits and flowers which are made by also different type of cream. With spread of cupcakes many people started a business in this area because it still profitable and every one willing to eat it because of the lower price and nice taste. One of the people who started a business in cupcakes is Um Abdulla.  
Um Abdulla has cupcakes shop in her house and she use blackberry to advertise for her shop among locals. Sometimes she gets orders to make collection of cupcakes for weddings and small events. Um Abdulla built up a good reputation among the people who try her cupcakes.After seeing the growing of demand by locals on her cupcakes which is made in a home, she decided to open a small shop of cupcakes which is located in global village to get more profit.
 Um Abdulla chooses Global village a place for her cupcakes shop because Global village is very famous place in Dubai. Open a shop in the global village will provide Um Abdulla doing advertisements and also some money because the rental place in the Global Village is less than opening a shop on Sheikh Zayed Road or Jumeirah as they are famous places as Global Village.
 According to statistics, in the last year the visitors of Global Village reach more than 6 million and a half visitors from different nations which make Global Village an attractive place to open a business on it. She will open the shop during Dubai shopping festival from first of November to 31 of March. When you are shopping at Global village you will get hungry and decide to eat something cheap and has a good taste, cupcakes will be the best choice especially for kids because they like eating tiny colorful sweets which will attract them. Cupcakes are tasty, unique and come with different flavors so you can choose what you like. 
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